Direct Debit – This is my preferred payment method. Banking  details for this method are emailed upon checkout.

Paypal – Payment by this method is fast, efficient and safe. If you do not have a Paypal account, you have the option of simply entering your credit card details. Paypal will then send us an immediate notification that your payment has been made, and your item will be quickly dispatched. 

After use, clean and dry the blade. I use a canauba wax on my blades and handles. When not in use I recommend knives ‘NOT’ be stored in their sheaths as leather can react with the steel – even Stainless Steel. Try not to subject knives to extremes of heat or cold (i.e. below 0 or above 40 degrees celsius as this can cause movement of handle materials.

Do NOT put knife in a dishwasher or leave immersed in water. The knife is designed for cutting and in some cases for light chopping. The knife is NOT designed to be a ‘pry bar’ or ‘screwdriver’ – although the steel in the knife is very strong, heavy sideways force may cause the knife to break. All my knives are made from the best materials I can source, and are constructed to be strong and  durable. With care they should last a lifetime and if not worn out, maybe even longer.

Your knife will not rust if you take care of it. There is no complete “rust proof” steel. When carbon is added to steel, there is always a possibility of corrosion.

To prevent corrosion, clean your knife, and keep it dry. Wax it occasionally. I find its best NOT to store it in the sheath when not in use.

KNIVES ARE NOT FOR SALE TO PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. By purchasing knives from my website you are legally acknowledging that you are over 18 years of age.

Yes,  I make all of my knives from start to finish and I handstitch the leather sheaths. I also take all the photographs you see on the website.


Best Tactical – Canberra Knife Show, 2007

Best Damascus in Show – Canberra Knife Show, 2009